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Soft skills to complement linguistic skills

Soft skills are an indispensable complement to linguistic skills to succeed in professional life (and daily life!) to put forward - absolutely.

What are we talking about?​ Besides technical linguistic skills, "hard skills", human and relational qualities, "soft skills", are more and more valued by companies.  They use emotional intelligence and play a key role in the development of an individual and a group within his or her environment.


Our courses are also based on that dimension of communication and interaction.


We propose here is a non-exhaustiv list of soft skills compiled by the Eastern Kentucky University from executive listings. As you can see, they can be personal as well as interpersonal:

  1. Communication – oral, speaking capability, written, presenting, listening

  2. Flexibility – adaptability, willing to change, lifelong learner, accepts new things, adjusts, teachable

  3. Interpersonal skills – nice, personable, sense of humor, friendly, empathetic, has self-control, patien, social skills.

  4. Positive attitude – optimistic, enthusiastic, encouraging, happy, confident.

  5. Responsibility – accountable, reliable, gets the job done, resourceful, self-disciplined and motivated, wants to do well, conscientious, common sense.

  6. Teamwork – cooperative, gets along with others, agreeable, supportive, helpful, collaborative

At French Academy we consider that "soft skills" are essential for personal and professional success and we encourage all investment in the development of the human and  individual ressources.

We propose the perfect adequation between the improvement of the linguistic knowledge and the upgrowth of the soft skills.

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