French Language courses
The excellence you deserve

French language courses exclusively for individuals and companies 


Our center provides French trainings and consultancy services in order to develop and certificate French communicative skills for foreigners. 

 We are dedicated to help you, your employees and expecially new comers in Luxembourg feel more confortable when using French in his/her job and daily life.

We have a strong experience by providing trainings for all levels for all types of organizations: multinationals, European institutions, banks, universities, start-ups and individuals.


We have a deep knowledge of the Common European Framework of reference for Languages and we focuse all our courses and evaluations on.

Our services are offered in Luxembourg, Europe and online in our center or at your place.

Our courses - Automn 2021

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5 reasons to choose French Academy

  • Organisme de Formation Professionnelle (2015) :official certificates and learning reports.

  • Focused on all language areas : writing, speaking, interacting, listening and reading

  • Targeted to communicate skills for daily / professional life with tailored classes

  • Motivation, innovative approach & Positive Pedagogy

  • Experienced trainers with a Master degree in Teaching French for Foreigners

Our activities


  • ​General French​

  • Business French

  • Professional French

  • Preparation Delf-Dalf

  • Communicative skills

  • Linguistic expertise

  • Evaluation & audit


  • Intercultural vision

  • Positive Pedagogy

  • Visual Thinking

  • Mindmapping

  • Organization of tasks

  • Pedagogical innovations

  • Train the trainer


The founder & director

" I decided to found this center because I want to share with you my vision and
passion of teaching French. I am convinced that continous learning is an indispensable element for the successful and sustainable development of each individual and company.
Our mission at French Academy is to help our clients overcome cultural and
linguistic barriers in order to strengthen their position as leaders in the business
world in Luxembourg and abroad.
At French Academy, you learn with ease, we teach with passion."
                                                                                                                                      Céline Veitmann