Céline's approach

She proposes to coach your child, depending onthe age and level in the discovery and appropriation of the French language.

It is a "different" language coaching.
Different because unlike a traditional language course, which focuses on a topic and its contents by rapid and shallow storage ("drill"), she guides your child to appropriate the language in a sustainable way according to his learning profile.

The kiddy classes are more than just educational programs given by a "native speaker" through fun activities.

They are thought pedagogical way, active and interactive, allowing your child to learn effectively and sustainably while having fun.

The maximum is used for the transmission of knowledge takes place with ease, pleasure and relaxation.

Your child learns with pleasure, in a caring environment and it takes confidence in himself and in his new skills.

Regular offer

Only Individual classes (60'):

Next registration : 15th -30th of June for September 2016

  • After school: Availbilities: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 14h30-17h30

  • Saturday

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Included: classes, material, healthy snack and drink 

Your child will learn a language or improve hs/her/their knowledge of the material covered in school .

Contact us to receive the registration document!: info@french-academy.lu


Content of the classes

These classes are intended to learn French through play and vocabulary, with fun activities sheets.

Sometimes we need to determine their level previously. 

The first meeting will be necessary to discuss with moms and assess the level of children